The Miami-Cass County Rural Electric Membership Corporation (REMC) shall charge and collect for large industrial electric service on the following bases of availability, application, character of service, monthly rate, minimum charge, purchased power cost adjustment clause, and tax adjustment.




This schedule is available to any member of the REMC located within the territory served by Miami-Cass County Rural Electric Membership Corporation.




This schedule is applicable to all electric service required for lighting, power, and any other purpose with a maximum monthly demand greater than 1750 KW for which no other specific rate schedule is applicable.




Service under this schedule shall be three phase, 60 Hertz, alternating current at the REMC’s available standard voltages.  All service required on the premises by the member will be supplied through one meter.  Standby or resale service is not permitted hereunder.




Customer Charge:       ....................................................... $160.00 per month


Demand Charge:

            All KW of metered coincident peak

            demand per month @.................................................. $13.75 per KW


Energy Charge:

            All kWh of energy use per month........................ $0.063880 per kWh


Measurement of Metered Coincident Peak Demand:


The metered coincident kilowatt (kW) demand in any billing month will be the number of kilowatts (kW) used in the clock hour interval during which the total kilowatt (kW) load for the REMC’s wholesale power supplier, Wabash Valley Power, is greater than any other clock hour interval in such billing month.  The metered coincident demand shall be adjusted to eliminate any extraordinary usages resulting from outages, foreign loads, etc. 



Purchased Power Cost Adjustment:


The amount computed at the above monthly rate shall be adjusted plus or minus by an amount calculated in accordance with the formula specified in the Miami-Cass County Rural Electric Membership Corporation’s Purchased Power Cost Adjustment Clause (Appendix A) which is a part of the “Monthly Rate” of this rate schedule.


Tax Adjustment:


The amount computed at the above monthly rate as adjusted by the application of the purchased power cost adjustment clause shall be subject to taxes, assessments, and surcharges imposed by any governmental authority.


Power Factor:


The member agrees to maintain unity power factor as nearly as practical.  The REMC reserves the right to measure such power factor at any time.  Should such measurements indicated that the power factor is less than one hundred (100%) LEADING OR LAGGING, then the demand for billing purposes will be adjusted to unity power factor at time of demand reading.


Minimum Monthly Charge:


The minimum monthly charge shall be the greater of the facilities charge plus the demand charge, contract amount or one dollar ($1.00) per kVA of installed transformer capacity. 


Primary Service Discount:


If service under rate schedule is furnished at a primary distribution voltage with the member furnishing transformation, a discount of $0.25 per KW of billing demand shall apply to the demand charge. 


Primary Metering Discount:


If the electrical energy furnished under rate schedule is metered on the primary side of the service transformers, the REMC shall deduct 1 1/2% of the kilowatt hours metered before computing the bill. 




  1. Service shall be provided in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Miami-Cass County Rural Electric Membership Corporation’s Service Policies and Bylaws.


  1. The terms of payment shall be in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Miami-Cass County Rural Electric Membership Corporation’s Service Policies and Bylaws.  This policy includes the restriction of payment by Credit and Debit Cards. 


  1. All new members and for expanding loads the member shall be required to enter into a written agreement stating the character and amount of load, minimum contract period, minimum monthly charges as well as any other applicable charges.


  1. The REMC may require corrective measures or devices for any motor or apparatus which in the option of the REMC will cause voltage fluctuation to other members.  Unless otherwise permitted, the maximum primary voltage fluctuation will be three percent (3%). The load shall conform to latest addition of IEEE 519 for harmonic and voltage distortion.


  1. All wiring, pole line or other electrical equipment beyond the metering device or weather head shall be considered the distribution system of the member; therefore, it shall be furnished and maintained by the member.