Prepaid Metering                                FAQ's

Miami-Cass is offering a new way to pay your electric bill.  Prepay allows our members the freedom of being able to establish new service without having your credit checked to determine if a deposit is required.

You can control your budget by making payments based on what you can afford.  All you need to do is always maintain a positive balance on your electric account and we will send you an email showing when you are getting close on needing to add more money to your account.

All you need to do is come into our office and sign up for prepaid, sign a membership agreement and pay your $35 membership (if you are a new customer).  New members will be required to make an initial payment of $50 to establish service and after the initial payment, you will be able to pay as much as you like toward your electric service with a $25 per transaction minimum.  If you are a current member, just come into the office and sign up for prepaid or email or fax us the prepaid agreement form.  Your deposit will be applied to your prepaid account and any additional balance will be paid to zero by having 35% of you payment applied to the balance until it reaches 0.

Prepaid Benefits are no late charges, no deposit required, no disconnect or reconnect fees, and by using Smart Hub you can easily monitor the amount of electricity that you use.


Programs details:

  • The responsibility of maintaining a positive balance is the member's responsibility.  You must sign up for Smart Hub to be on prepaid as this is our method of notifying you on your usage and balance. 
  • Pledges will be applied to your account but payment must be sent to us in a timely manner.  If you need assistance from another organization, please make sure we receive payment before your balance is negative.
  • If any fee such as returned check fee is added to your account and it becomes negative, you will be disconnected.
  • Electric service is disconnected and reconnected remotely.  If service can not be remotely restored, then someone will be dispatched.
  • If you would want to convert your prepaid account to a billed account, you account must be paid to a zero balance and any balance on your prepaid account will be applied to your billed account.  A deposit may be required based upon the REMC's deposit policy.
  • Payments can be made in the office, over the phone using our pay by phone number (866-999-4484), by mail, or by using our pay your bill feature on our website at,.
  • Prepaid service is only available on services up to 200 amps.